The Pharmacy Group (TPG) provides consulting services focusing on tailored marketing strategies and product development recommendations to maximize revenue.

With over nineteen years of healthcare consulting experience TPG understands the impact of healthcare reform on the marketplace and the best way to approach decision makers at payors. We also have experience in the world of specialty pharmaceuticals and the best way to demonstrate value to payors.

Our experts work with healthcare service providers, information technology companies, and pharmaceutical companies to better position your product offering to national and regional health plans and other payors.


The TPG Family of Companies

The TPG Family of Companies offers a variety of products and services to payors, associations, information technology, healthcare services and pharmaceutical companies to grow revenue and manage costs. Our main areas of focus are Consulting, Data Analysis, Market Research, Strategic Marketing and Sales Support, and Educational Programs.

The TPG Family of Companies consists of:



TPG-Data Services (visit site)

TPG-Healthcare Consulting (visit site)

TPG-International Health Academy (visit site)

TPG-National Payor Roundtable (visit site)


Change healthcare by connecting payors with companies that can help
them improve the performance of the healthcare system.


In the new world of Healthcare Reform, all health plans are looking for new ways to lower administrative costs while delivering an excellent customer experience. The Pharmacy Group (TPG) can help healthcare services and pharmaceutical companies gain access to these health plans to show them why they should use your products and services. The results will shorten the sales cycle and grow revenue.

Whether you are a new company trying to break into the payor space, or an established organization, expanding into the managed care market, TPG can help you improve your marketing activities to get the best results. We have the right expertise and relationships to help you achieve your financial goals.