Kari Ratkevich is a consultant with The Pharmacy Group (TPG). Kari’s broad range of pharmacy experience spans over 29 years. Kari has a proven track record for successful sales increases, inventory and purchasing, and minimizing pharmacy expenses and operational costs in retail pharmacy.

Prior to joining TPG, Kari worked at a CVS/Target Pharmacy in Irvine, CA as a Pharmacy Manager for 15 years. While there, Kari managed daily operations of the pharmacy that generated $1,800,000 in annual revenue. Daily operations included: sales, budgeting, dispensing prescriptions, ordering, inventory control, administration, recruiting, loss prevention, workflow management, quality assurance, patient safety, and regulatory compliance. Kari also counseled patients and implemented vaccination clinics.

Before working with CVS/Target, Kari spent 14 years with Longs Drug in Tustin, CA as a Pharmacy Manager. While with Longs, Kari coordinated a growth project at 27 Longs Drug locations that emphasized patient loyalty to build business. She was in charge of daily operations of the pharmacy with $800,000 in annual revenue. Kari also acted as a liaison between patients and their healthcare providers by offering patient counseling.

Kari also served on the California State Board of Pharmacy Competency Committee for 7 years.

Kari earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from The University of Southern California. She completed clerkships in psychopharmacy, community pharmacy, medicine, antimicrobial medicine, ambulatory care, and home healthcare. Kari is a licensed pharmacist in the state of California.